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Info: Was hat sich im Klimaschutz in den letzten 3 Jahren getan, besonders im Zusammenhang mit der COVID19-Epidemie und dem Krieg in der Ukraine? Laeuft die Energiewende? Welche Chance besteht (noch), die ganz große Klimakatastrophe abzuwenden? Und was kann und muss in Marl passieren?

Professor Frithjof C. Küpper, Chair in Marine Biodiversity at the University of Aberdeen (Oceanlab), has previously held a readership (2009-2011) / lectureship (2003-2009) and the position of Head of the Culture Collection of Algae and Protozoa (CCAP) at the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) from 2003-2008. Over the past 27 years, Frithjof has studied the biodiversity, inorganic biochemistry, chemical ecology, and physiology of aquatic and marine plants/algae, especially in the context of biotic / abiotic stress and biogeochemical cycles (145 ISI-listed, peer-reviewed papers, > 6,300 citations, h = 40; 5 book chapters) and in the polar and sub-polar regions of the world. Particularly relevant for the work proposed here, he has worked extensively on marine biodiversity- and ecology-related subjects in the Arctic, Antarctic, Subantarctic, Mediterranean and the Arabian Gulf, often employing scientific diving as a research tool. His research interest in algal halogen metabolism, pathologies and defence reactions arose during his graduate studies for a joint French-German Ph.D. (1998-2001). His work has resulted in the finding of iodide serving the role of an inorganic antioxidant in kelp, the first described from a living system, with implications for atmospheric and marine chemistry (PNAS 105(19), 6954-8). This work was selected as one of the 100 Science Stories of the Year 2008 by DISCOVER Magazine and received substantial media coverage.- Frithjof is also a certified scientific professional diver (AAUS in the USA and HSE Scuba IV in the UK) and has conducted diving-based expeditions throughout the world for biodiversity-related aspects of his research, including the Canadian Arctic, the Eastern Mediterranean (especially Greece and Cyprus), French Polynesia, Malaysia, California, Antarctica, Ascension Island and the Falkland Islands.- Frithjof is fluent in English, Modern Greek, French, and German (native language).


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